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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Old Salem Christmas

Old Salem Christmas

The evening in late October was filled with laughter and awe.  Laughter at the expressions and comments of each family member, awe at the providence of God.

We rounded the corner on our 'night walk' and heard the music of the Salem Band with the wind of life filling their instruments.  The children were delighted when, spontaneously, the quiet autumn evening was suddenly filled with music. We listened with smiles as we stood on the street corner surrounded by a community that first came to life in the mid-1700's.  For a moment we were back in time listening, watching and feeling communion with the past that was now engaging our present.

We were all surprised to find the side door unlocked.  Slowly we opened it, carefully glancing inside.  Before we knew it we had entered the building and were slowly winding our way up the stairs.  At the top, that which had first fancied our ears and captured our imagination on the street corner below, now engaged our eyes as we could see the room from which the music originated.  They practiced and practiced and practiced again.

When the announcement came that in only two weeks, rehearsal would begin for the Christmas concert, the aroma of the holidays permeated the building, flowed through an open window and into the night air that would soon touch our faces and fill our hearts with joy.

As we walked away and back into the night, I realized that something unexpected had occured.  It was one of those moments that time cannot erase for it is etched indelibly upon the heart.  God had surprised us with music.  He had allowed me to hear again from the voices of my girls the love of the heart.  We laughed and picked up the pace for the girls had a story to tell Mommy about the music in the night.

Family worship at Christmas time is like that music.  By God's grace the aroma of worshipping God as a family can waft through the generations and impact great-grand children with the beauty and glory of God and the sweetness of a God-centered family.

The Christmas season is a big deal in the Rhodes' household.  It starts around Thanksgiving and ends of New Years Day.  In between we have a number of 'essential' activities.  If you come to our home during the holidays, you may be offered something sweet to eat that either my wife or our children have cooked.  If you stay for dinner, we will pull enough chairs to the table so that we can sit and talk a while.

Whether it is around the table or somewhere else in your home, make sure that you spend regular time with your family in worship of God.  This Christmas is a good time to get started.

From the Book: Family Worship for the Christmas Season.  Available at Books That Nourish.