The Dancing Puritan

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

God Revealed

Scripture Reading
Psalm 19

Christmas is a reminder that God has revealed Himself to us (John 1:14). That is good news!  How has God made Himself known?  We often speak of the "4 C's of Revelation" to our children.

Creation:  God has made Himself known by all that He has made (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20).  Creation declares the power, creativity and greatness of God.

Conscience:  Conscience is the voice-box inside a person that commends him when he does right and convicts him when he does wrong (Romans 2:15).  God has written on the conscience of man the fact that there is right and wrong and there is One to whom we must give account.

Common Grace:  Of course God's grace is anything but common. But common grace refers to grace that is common to mankind in general.  Rain, sunshine and fruitful seasons are all a witness to the fact that there is a God and He is good (Acts 14:17).

Canon:  By canon we are referring to the sixty-six books that make up the Bible.  Creation, conscience, and common grace tell us many great things about God and we are accountable for such knowledge.  However the first three "C's" do not tell us what we need to know in order to be forgiven of our sins and to be made right with God.  We are dependent on the canon of Scripture for that information (2 Timothy 3:15).  Creation, conscience, and common grace are sufficient to tell us what they are designed to tell us about God, but they are not sufficient to lead us to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We need the Bible.  In the Bible we learn that God has made Himself savingly known through Christ.

Family Activity

Think of ways to teach your family the "4 C's" of revelation.  Take a trip outdoors with a journal and write down three amazing things that you see that give evidence that God is the Creator.  Talk with your children about right and wrong.  Ask them how they feel when they do wrong.  Speak to them about the importance of having a sensitive conscience.  Remember to consider the rain, sunshine and your meals and to thank God for His common grace.  Read from "The Christmas Story" in the Bible (Luke 1-2; Matthew 1) and thank God for the canon of Scripture.


Our Father, thank You for making Yourself known to us.  We could not know anything about You if You had not chosen to write your character on creation, conscience and common grace.  We thank you for those things, but especially for the canon of Scripture.  Amen.

Taken from Family Worship for the Christmas Season by Ray Rhodes, Jr and published by Solid Ground Christian Books.  To order a copy of Ray's Christmas book go to