The Dancing Puritan

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcome to our Home

Celebrating a Church Member's Birthday at our Home

Welcome to our home.

Last night a neighbor and another friend from the community stopped by.  Both brought smiles and joy to our home.  Both were given little gifts prepared by my lovely wife.  Both were a reminder that guests should always find a warm welcome in a Christian's home.  Such hospitality is magnified at Christmas.

So,... welcome to our home.

These walls hold voices.  Listen carefully and you may hear...The cries of new born babies with the accompanying tears of loved one's lost.  Laughter and tears, the inseparable couple, have painted our walls and stained our floors.

Our family is extended beyond blood-lines to sports teams, church members and travelers that have come our way. Wedding vows have been made by our fireplace.  Games played on our floors.  Pizza enjoyed in front of our television. Presents have been opened beneath our tree.

These walls hold the high pitched voices of little girls who have used the hardwood as a skating rink and a basketball court. These rooms embrace young women that cook, clean, play music, welcome friends, and laugh and cry...And cry and laugh.

And this place sustains a godly wife, forever young and a man whose hair continues to gray.  They grow old together enjoying the patter of little feet and the intrigue of young ladies. Life is good.

Prayer meetings, worship services, team parties have all found a home here. Baptisms have been celebrated and friends have been counseled...all here between these walls.

Music from the violin, piano, flute and guitar have wafted through our rooms and danced upon our senses.

Our home is a place of school, worship and play. It is a place where memories are made and life is lived. If you visit us you will not find a museum but a refuge, play ground, hospitality center, mission's station and a place where God is met.

Few seasons have found such a welcome in our home as Christmas.  For weeks the day is anticipated.  Plans are made.  Trees are decorated. Traditions are relived. The kitchen smells of the holidays.  The children will line up on the stairway on Christmas morning.

And, you are welcome here. The door will be opened and you are invited into our home. Your words will find a place in the archives of our memories. Your kindness in gracing our home will be long remembered. You will enter this season with us. You will be here because you have touched our lives in some way. We are thankful for you and will rejoice in your visit. You are a gift from God to us.  Welcome!

And, if you visit us, we pray that you will find God here.  Yes, he is everywhere.  And yet here, we pray, He is welcomed as a friend and worshipped as Lord.

Memories, wood, mortar, music, parties and even little children are nothing without Him.

We have fallen short of His glory. He has shown more grace.

We welcome our Savior who came to "seek and to save the lost."  The walls of the womb and the walls of the cradle felt his first movements, heard his first cry and protected his early life.

And he grew.  He never fell short.  He died.  He arose.  He lives.

He is here!  Welcome to our home.