The Dancing Puritan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Someone to Kiss: Thoughts on Marriage

Kissing is a Christian greeting, Greet one another with a holy kiss (Romans 16:16). It is also the chosen word that introduces the best song in all of Solomon's Treasury, Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine (The Song of Solomon 1:2). That kind of kissing is romantic kissing.  It is distinguished from the mere greeting that characterized believers in the New Testament Churches.

There is something about a Song of Solomon kind of kiss. Such a kiss is intimate. It is a special kind of communication at the very point of communication, the mouth.

Wine was a treasured blessing in the Old Testament. It was considered a gift from God and cheered the heart (Psalm 104:15). Wine, like kissing, is directed first of all to the mouth. Wine instructors teach that to enjoy a glass of wine it is important to swirl the wine in the glass, smell the wine and then saturated the palate. After swirling, smelling and saturating then a person is prepared to drink.

Wine is generally to be paired with food.  The Song of Solomon has much to say about food as well as wine. And yet Solomon's lady said that kissing indicated love and that love "is better than even wine." Better than even one of the most treasured resources in Solomon's kingdom, that is how wonderful love is! Romantic, committed love is expressed with a kiss.

It is often believed that prostitutes don't kiss their clients because they are paid strictly for sex but not for the kind of personal intimacy that a kiss denotes. Though it may be a myth (that prostitutes generally do not kiss) it is an interesting thought. Kissing denotes intimacy, perhaps at a more personal level than full sexual expression.

Regardless, the lady in The Song of Solomon loved to be kissed. Kissing is one of the best expressions of love and love is better than even wine. Wow!

Written on my bedroom wall is a reminder that I should never need to read in order to heed. It simply says, "Always kiss me goodnight."

Something is missing if a couple bypasses the kiss and goes immediately to intercourse. Sexual intercourse without kissing seems to be something like talking without communication.  Kissing means that one looks into the eyes of their spouse. They are face to face. Brain to brain. Thought to thought. Mouth to mouth. The kiss is the culmination of real communication. The kiss says, "I want to know you." It indicates, "I care about you."  It communicates sweetness, relationship and commitment at the point of contact and it opens the door for full bodily expression of intimacy.

My thoughts may not be exact science but, when reading the Song of Solomon and all of it's sexual expressions, you just can't avoid the kiss.  In fact it kisses you in the second verse.  Kissing is at the heart of marriage.  After all marriage, in part, is having someone to kiss!