The Dancing Puritan

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Milk Truck,The Young Man and God's Providence

300 orphans were asked to sit down at the breakfast table. The only problem was that there was no bread and no milk. George Mueller asked God to provide and thanked God for the bread and milk that would be provided for the children. There was no food or drink in the orphanage but Mueller was confident that God would provide. Indeed God provided. A baker came to the door with bread.  He had been unable to sleep the night before and believed that God had led him to bring bread to the orphanage that morning.  A short time later a milk truck broke down in front of the orphanage.  The milk had to be removed from the truck else it would spoil.  All of the milk was given to the children.  And so the children had food to eat and milk to drink.  God provided!

We have often told that story to our daughters in relation to God providing godly men for them to marry

I first met Adrian Rink when he showed up at our church on a Sunday.

He had recently moved from Minnesota to Georgia for his job.  He was young and single.  As I talked with Adrian it became clear to me that he was not only young and single but he seemed to be a godly young man.  I am a very cautious man and not prone to overestimating first impressions.  I am also not a mystical man.  However, there was something about Adrian that made me wonder if, perhaps, he was the man for my oldest daughter Rachel.

Privately I told my wife Lori, "I think the milk truck may have just broken down."  I thought it was possible that God had provided a single, young, godly man for my dear daughter Rachel.

Of course Rachel nor Adrian had no such thoughts initially.  Over time, that would change.

Adrian would eventually ask to speak with me about Rachel.  Later he asked if he could speak to Rachel.  Adrian and I began meeting together on occasion.  Adrian and Rachel became good friends.  Every step of the way Adrian displayed great respect towards me and was very thoughtful in all of his communication with Rachel (Otherwise he would be missing somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana).

Eventually the day came.  Adrian asked to speak with me.  "I would like to marry Rachel Rhodes," he said. I gave him my permission to ask Rachel. They were engaged on July 4th 2011.  Adrian filmed, The Proposal.   They were married on New Year's Eve 2011.

Lori and I have often prayed that God would provide godly husbands for our six daughters.  We have sought to teach our girls about Christ and example before them a godly marriage.  We have also sought to teach them that God provides.  God provided Adrian for Rachel and Rachel for Adrian.

1.   While in Minnesota, God brought Adrian to a God-centered theology. Adrian was influenced by the teaching of Dr. John Piper (among others).
2.   A godly ministry moved their headquarters from Minnesota to Georgia and they posted an opening for a job (that 'just happened' to fit Adrian's skill set).
3.  Adrian applied for the job and was quickly accepted.
4.  Adrian did an Internet search for like-minded churches in North Georgia.  Our church made the list.
5.  Adrian packed his Impala and moved to Georgia.  He visited our church. (He would eventually be baptized and become a member of our church, Grace Community Church).
6.  Rachel Rhodes and Adrian Rink met.
7.  Ray Rhodes and Adrian Rink spent a lot of time together.
8.  Adrian Rink and Rachel Rhodes got engaged and married.
9.  The Rinks have a godly marriage.
10. God Provided

God can be trusted to provide for all of your needs.  Ask!  Wait!  Watch! Trust!  Don't be passive.  Be faithful to your normal duties.  Be active in church.  If you desire a spouse then put yourself in godly situations where you may have opportunity to meet godly single folks.  It may or may not be God's will to provide a spouse for you.  But you can be confident that God will provide all of your needs. He will even cause a milk truck to break down if necessary.

Happy Anniversary Adrian and Rachel!