The Dancing Puritan

Friday, March 1, 2013

Adult World

One cannot travel without being confronted by billboard advertising. In the past week everything from the birthplace of Lincoln to cheap hamburgers invited us to take the exit ramp and to slow down our journey. Most of the calls we resisted--others we found too compelling (Churchhill Downs got us).

A few years ago I was travelling up Interstate 75 through Kentucky. There was a large sign advertising Adult World just ahead. There was a huge adult store to the right of the Interstate. On the same exit, to the left, was a giant white cross. I thought, as I passed the exit, that both advertisements reveal a powerful choice, especially for men. Every man that approaches the exit has a choice. It is either Adult World or the Cross.

It is not just the exit--but when it comes to sexuality, we face that choice every day. Will it be the sexuality of the world or the sexuality that grows out of cross-centered marital love? One person views the opposite sex as an object--a sort of vehicle to get what he wants. The person that embraces a cross-centered sexuality sees a person to be loved.

It was interesting that the very next exit--just down stream from Adult World, was for Stinking Pond Road (SPR). SPR is a striking picture of one's destination when they bypass the cross and seek pleasure out of bounds.

Watch out of advertisments.