The Dancing Puritan

Friday, March 15, 2013

Changing Places, Moving Forward

A few boxes packed in the old space...hundreds to go

For 17 years I have occupied the same office space. It has been everything from a retreat place to a counseling center.  I have read good books here, produced hundreds of sermons and enjoyed dinner and a movie with my wife here. Most of my daughters have pulled books off of and pushed others to the back of the shelves over the years.

It is time to move from this place to my new space. We are blessed that our son-in-law and daughter are living in our basement apartment for a season.  We are also overjoyed that they are expecting their first baby in early June. And we are glad that they plan to live with us for a while longer. My present office is soon to become a nursery. Books will be replaced with teddy bears. I can't wait.

They have been so kind to help construct me a new office space in an unfinished basement at our home. The new place is actually larger than the present one. They have worked long hours and spent their hard earned money to help me to change places and move forward. I am getting excited about the soon to happen move (God-willing).  Thankfully I am not moving very far.

Moving my office is no easy task.  I have more stuff in this small office than some folks do in an entire home. Thousands of books line my shelves and are stacked on the floor.  Hopefully during this move I will be able to weed out a few books that I really don't anticipate ever needing.
New space as construction draws close to completion

I am not one to change very easily. I like to do the same things, the same ways, year after year. I am not a mover and really not much of a shaker (except on the dance floor).

The last few years have been moving years with various life changes that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. In the next months I anticipate more major life changes.

Moving office space is symbolic of the movement in my life and family. This is a time of new beginnings. As I change space I am learning how to move forward.