The Dancing Puritan

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Subtle Changes: The Acceptance of Homosexual Marriage in America

Senator Rob Portman and Family

The recent support for homosexual marriage by Hillary Clinton, Rob Portman and Rob Bell is unsurprising.

How does a culture change to the point that it embraces as normal that, which was once considered aberrant? It does not happen overnight.

I compare it to a professed Christian who falls into false doctrine. His fall, likely, did not happen via hearing someone loudly denounce the Trinity. It was subtler than that. Small doses of false doctrine were placed beside true doctrine until the two merged. His fall was slow and undiscerning at first.

For a long-time there have been loud voices calling for the full acceptance of homosexual marriage.  Yet it was not the loud voices that have led us to our present state. It was more the slow, careful, placement in various places of the homosexual lifestyle as normal. Not many years ago it would have been impossible to show homosexual relationships on television. Now it is not uncommon at all.  It was not as if one day we turned on our television sets and there before our shocked eyes were homosexual unions portrayed as normal. It was much more subtle than that. An insinuation here, a character there and over time our collective defenses were weakened. Though we disagreed, it became accepted.

The Christian must be vigilant against subtleties. If we are to stand on the truth without compromise then we must be discerning. If we are to love our neighbor, (regardless of how they classify themselves), as God has called us to, it must be from a position of unmixed truth and not from a merging of truth and error.