The Dancing Puritan

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your Marriage is Smelly

Lori and I were visiting beautiful Dahlonega, GA a while back. I was digging through an antique store searching for good books. As is often the case in such stores there was a musty smell. Lori has many allergy issues and it was not long before she was sneezing, coughing and her eyes were running.

Since I am a relatively brilliant guy--I thought of a solution. I would walk Lori over to the Paul Thomas Chocolate store (PT). She loves chocolates and it would not take her long to forget the allergy producing antique shop, or so I reasoned.

The aroma at PT is very different from that of the antique store.  From the moment you walk into the door your senses come alive in the most positive of ways. For Lori--the new smells brought healing from the afflictions of the old ones.

One of my top bits of marriage advice to guys is to make chocolate your friend. Learn to love chocolate and to give chocolate to your wife and you will go far in your marriage.

There is another truth about chocolate that is helpful in marriage. Making chocolate takes patience and vision. There are only a few places in the world where cacao trees grow (near the Equator).  These trees produce beans which when processed produce chocolate. The harvest is only twice a year and once the seeds or beans are picked they have to ferment and dry for a period of time before they can be shipped to factories.

Once arriving at factories they must be cleaned, sorted and roasted. The inner nib is crushed and warmed up until finally--cocoa butter appears. The butter must be ground into a paste and that paste is the foundation of chocolate. After all of that there is still work to be done. It takes time. Patience, care and time go into making chocolate.

The same is true of a marriage that produces a sweet aroma.

Your marriage is smelly.  The question is does it smell more like a chocolate or an antique store?

Lack of time, patience and care will produce musty smells. Tender care, faith in God and gentle patience will make your marriage more like the chocolates at PT.