The Dancing Puritan

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Susannah

Adrian, Rachel and Susannah

Dear Susannah,

Welcome to your new home.

You have entered a place surrounded by voices that you have been familiar with for nine months. You heard those voices in your hospital room and have seen the fuzzy faces that gazed adoringly at you.  Now those voices and faces will be a constant.

You are entering a home that is far from perfect. However, I assure you that you are entering a place of love. I have watched as your parents cared for you the months while you were nestled warmly in the womb. I have seen their eyes since you have been born. They are the eyes of love.

We all love you Susannah. We all want to look at you, hold you close and serve as a support and encouragement to you and your parents. We have all thanked God for you and we continually give thanks to God for you. He has given us a great gift and a tremendous responsibility.

It does not seem that long ago when I held your mother in my arms. Your Grammy, (my wife), was a young mother just like your mom. I will never forget the first time the nurse placed your mom in my arms. I was so excited but very nervous. My arms were stiff--I was so afraid that I would do something wrong and not hold her just right. She was our firstborn. You are your parent's first born.

Grandaddy, Grammy and Susannah

We loved your mom from the moment of conception--we love her more deeply today. She will always be our little girl. I remember the day we brought her home. I remember vividly her first bath. Through fever and smiles we sought to nurture her. We made a lot of mistakes. Your parents will also. But we loved her then and we love her now. She is a godly woman and she will lay her life down for you. She has always wanted to be a mom. At age two she would carry the younger children in the church nursery across the room. She is beautiful and smart.

We have only known your dad for a couple of years. The first time we met him we felt a kinship. We recognized, from the first, that he displayed a love for God and a respect for others. He honored your mom from the first day he met her and as he courted her his conduct was always exemplary. We (Grammy and I) could not have asked for a finer son-in-law. You will love spending time with him.  He is funny, creative and very entertaining. We love him and he loves you. Get ready to be the star of many videos.

Susannah, you have a lot of folks to meet. Grandparents, great-grandparents and your church family--all await. They will want to squeeze you.  They will say things like; why don't you just give her to us? There is a lot more love coming your way.

I will have more to say to you later. For now, I just wanted to welcome you to our home (your home).  It is a crazy place--lots of activity--lots of noise and a lot of love.

Welcome home.

One more thing...Don't let your parents see this part. As soon as you are able--you and I are going on a date.  On your first birthday I have scheduled a booth at Waffle House. There you will be introduced to your first taste of syrup. And then...Mayfield ice cream!  You are going to love ice cream.