The Dancing Puritan

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Strategy for Protecing and Nurturing Your Marriage

Each morning I seek to warm my heart by the fire of God's character and to saturate my mind with thoughts of and for my wife (Lori). I want to know God. Because I love God I want to better love Lori and protect our marriage.

What is my strategy?

1.  I read a Psalm each day. As I read, I write my thoughts and a prayer based on the Psalm in my journal. I once heard a speaker say that a great cure for the needy soul is to be locked up in a room for thirty days with nothing but Psalms. He also said have someone slip a sandwich under the door.

2.  I read from The Song of Solomon.  I have been doing this for a number of months. Recently I purchased a full-sized Piccadilly journal and have devoted it exclusively to Solomon's Song.  I make notes from the text of the day, write down questions and practical application points.

3. I seek to apply what I have learned to my marriage first and then to the other areas of my life.

 Lori and I have a shared journal. She has it some days and I have it other days. We write notes to one another in the journal and leave it on the bed when we are done.

Your marriage and mine are confronted daily with various temptations. Foxes seek to invade the vineyard and they must be been trapped and removed. Our hearts and minds are prone to wander. We need to load our hearts with strategies to fight effectively in the war against our souls. How will we think in a godly way? How will we protect our marriages? Psalms and The Song of Solomon are our friends in this battle.