The Dancing Puritan

Monday, July 29, 2013


The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!
Psalm 97:1

Each morning the lady puts up the umbrellas and lounge chairs on the sand facing the ocean. She has been doing so long enough to remember the glory days of the hotel where I am staying. She says that it used to be the Cat's Meow. The glory is now diminished but it still serves as a sufficient place to lodge for a few days.

The hotels that face the beach were all carefully placed when they were constructed. Their placement was partly based on the tides of the ocean. Though the water that laps on the beach every day does not  fall in the exact same spot, it is obvious where the water's line generally falls. The lady puts up her umbrellas and chairs at just the right spots based on her years of experience and knowledge of the tides.  She knows the line. Her livelihood is based on the water's edge. Sometimes the line is disrupted by storms but even the storms are calculated and predicted, to a degree. The lady understands.

Lines give definition to everything from haircuts to coastlines. They reflect organization, order, and boundary. Without the lines chaos rules.  How does the tide know where to push the edge of the line and when to withdraw?  It knows because there is a God who establishes lines. He brings order. Without the lines the world crumbles in disorder and falls in disaster. The lines are a reason to rejoice. 

The coastlands can be glad because God has established coastlines. The sunbather can soak in the rays, the swimmer can swim, and even the dolphins can dance all because, The LORD reigns...let the many coastlands be glad! He has given lines as governing principles of His universe.

Look around today for lines.