The Dancing Puritan

Thursday, August 15, 2013

26 Observations from 26 Years

Lori (my wife) is a godly woman. She is worthy, by God's grace, to be praised. Here are just a few reasons (today is our anniversary).

1. I love it that Lori did not hesitate when I asked her to marry me. She quickly forgave me for being argumentative over some trivial matter and accepted the ring. The evening improved dramatically after that. Keep short accounts and be quick to forgive one another. Learn from the past but leave it behind. When in trouble--give jewelry (just kidding).

2.  I am thankful that Lori did not give up during the hard times of our engagement. The engagement period can be stressful for various reasons (one reason it should be brief). Lori worked through tough times with me and focused on wedding plans. Be persistent in your relationship. You will be tempted to quit but don't quit. Seek the Lord and work hard.

3.  I am amazed that Lori so freely left her former life behind in 1987 to follow me to New Orleans. I had no money (nothing has changed) and no job (something I don't recommend) and was in seminary. I had nothing to offer her (but my good looks). Lori worked. God provided. Red beans and rice (and sometimes sausage) was our regular diet. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't forget to appreciate whatever meal you are provided. 

4.  I am astonished at Lori's beauty. I think that she is much more beautiful today than when we were married. She does not make an idol of her appearance but she takes care of herself. Don't let your appearance go once you get married. Love your spouse enough to look and smell good. Of course it is the "hidden person of the heart" that is of most importance but while cleaning the inside don't neglect the outside.

5.  I admire the patience of Lori. For most of our 26 years daughters have been running around the house. It is rare that Lori can even put her makeup on alone. Usually there is a little girl nearby trying to put on makeup at the same time. Remember that your children learn by watching you. That includes how to put on makeup and how to respond to children while putting on makeup.

6.  I am encouraged that Lori is my best friend. I am somewhat of a loner. Sometimes I think that I have too many responsibilities for friendship. There is not a person on the planet that I would rather spend time with than Lori. Cultivate a deepening friendship with your spouse. You will be richer, wiser, healthier, and warmer as a result. 

7.  I appreciate that Lori allows me to be alone from time-to-time.  Occasionally I feel the need to withdraw from the world, leave home, go somewhere and just think. She has always encouraged me in those pursuits. What are some things that you could do that would encourage your spouse?

8.  I am blessed that Lori believes in me. Kenny Rogers sings the rest of that song (except I don't play the guitar late into the night). Lori has followed and supported me in various enterprises over the years. Be willing to challenge your spouse if necessary but not in a discouraging manner. Be supportive if possible.

9. I like it a lot when Lori reaches for my hand when we are watching a movie together. We occasionally see an elderly couple holding hands as they are walking. Don't forget the little things like holding hands. Remember how exciting it was to reach for her hand when you were dating (and to have your hand accepted). Keep it up.

10.  I am very glad that Lori gets up early in the mornings and has as her first priority, the pursuit of God. She is an example to our family that first things must come first. Establishing priorities will help towards cultivating a godly home. Seek God first.

For the sake of space I will list 16 more reasons (without comment) that I appreciate Lori.

11. She likes to go on dates with me.
12. She loves our church.
13. She genuinly loves other people and wants to minister to them.
14. She talks to our daughters (sometimes late at night in the midst of their tears).
15. She loves being a grandmother.
16. She is a great cook.
17. She has been to Daytona Beach with me 1,000 times and stayed at the same shabby hotel most of those times without too much complaining.
18. She is a peacemaker.
19. She wishes that I would kiss her more often (which means that I don't repel her too much).
20. She cooks a hot breakfast almost every morning.
21. She is seldom depressed.
22. She does not mind that I cannot take her to Hawaii, though that is her dream vacation.
23. She is exciting to me.
24. She loves my widowed mother and helps to take care of her by calling and visiting her regularly.
25. She is an interior decorator. She has a degree in decorating and she has made our home beautiful.
26. She dresses the table beautifully for special meals.

BONUS: I love it when Lori dresses up for a date with me. I just can't take my eyes off of her.

Today is our anniversary. 26 years. 26 reasons that I love my wife. There are hundreds more.  I love Lori Rhodes. I am glad that 26 years ago she allowed me to put a ring on her finger. I still have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. Thank you Lord!  Happy Anniversary Lori!

Thanks to Adrian Rink for giving me the idea for this post.