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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family Worship for the Reformation Season

Excerpt below from Family Worship for the Reformation Season by Ray Rhodes (Published by Solid Ground Christian Books).

The Morning Star

Scripture Reading: Psalm 19; Mark 1:1-8

As a boy I would often gaze into the sky at night. I was amazed by the beauty of the stars and the vastness of the universe. Just before sunrise the morning star is visible. It is an indicator that a new day is about to begin. 

Prior to the Reformation the church was in a dark period. During those days a "morning star" arose on the scene. His name was John Wycliffe. His life and ministry was a "morning star" indicating that the day was about to break and the sun would soon shine. The sun indeed would rise in the characters of Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and others.

John Wycliffe, from England is called the "morning star of the Reformation." He was a faithful student of the Bible, a powerful preacher and a godly man. He preached against the wickedness of religious leaders and against the corruption that he saw in the church. Wycliffe is most remembered for his work in translating the Bible from Latin into English. Getting the Bible into the language and hands of the common man was one of the significant works of Wycliffe and of the Reformers. What must be remembered is that Wycliffe did not have the benefit of the printing press and so his work was hand copied. Can you imagine how difficult and time consuming it would be to write out the entire Bible by hand?

Wycliffe was often persecuted in his ministry. He died in 1384.

Richard Newton writes:
He was buried in the graveyard connected with his church at Lutterworth. About 44 years after his death, his enemies dug up his bones, burnt them to ashes, and threw the ashes into the Swift. Thomas Fuller quaintly said about the Swift River, that it 'conveyed his ashes into Avon; Avon into Severn; Severn into the narrow seas; they into the main ocean. And thus the ashes of Wycliffe are the emblem of his doctrine, which now is dispersed the entire world over." 
From Family Worship for the Reformation Season" by Ray Rhodes, Jr. To purchase a copy simply message us here.

Dr. Ligon Duncan writes, Imagine, leading your family in daily worship in the home, reading the Scriptures, singing and praying, but simultaneously introducing them to the history, leading figures and theology of the great sixteenth-century Reformation--all that in a fresh and interesting way, in just about a quarter of an hour each day. 'That would be great,' you say, 'but it would take me hours and days to put that together; I could never do it.' Well, Ray Rhodes has done it for you in Family Worship for the Reformation Season. Use this book with joy. It will inspire, inform and instruct you and your family. The studies are simple but meaty. The Scripture passages are helpfully chosen. And most of the lessons can be completed in fifteen minutes. Employ and be edified.