The Dancing Puritan

Monday, January 27, 2014

Learning From Sin

Do you learn from your sin?  The grace of God is an instructing grace. His grace teaches us how to fight sin. When I am tested, I often do not respond as I should; nor as I desire. Too often I allow fatigue, frustration, and a feeling of being overwhelmed, to feed my sinful heart. I need the grace of forgiveness and I need the grace of instruction.

Below are twelve prayer requests that grew out of my reflection on Scripture this morning and that are directly related to my sin. I want to learn from my sin. Therefore, I pray for:

*Wisdom to make considerate, wise, and clear decisions.

*Enablement to respond well, when tested.

*Humility to repent quickly to God and others.

*Bigness to not allow small things to become personal, competitive, and large.

*Vision to keep God's glory and the good of others in view--in my attitude, words, and deeds.

*Strength to not fall when the burdens of life feel crushing.

*Perspective to know what is important, what is not, and to see the big picture.

*Decisiveness to not leave those under my leadership hanging by the thread of my indecisiveness.

*Leadership to lead faithfully, decisively, lovingly, and wisely.

*Knowledge to know the mind of God, have the mind of Christ, and to bleed Scripture.

*Action evidenced in walking in accordance with the Word of God.

*Love abundant for God and others.

My sin always dishonors God, hurts others, and wounds my own heart. My desire is to honor God, love others, and to have a heart that beats with a passion for godliness.

What about you? Will you seek today to learn from your sin?