The Dancing Puritan

Saturday, February 8, 2014


My wife Lori and I are blessed with six daughters. Whenever we are all together in a public place, heads turn and we get a lot of interesting comments. When my oldest daughter Rachel married Adrian Rink on December 31, 2011 we rejoiced. About eight months ago Rachel gave birth to Susannah, our first granddaughter. Our girl's world continued.

Just a few months ago we received the news that Rachel is expecting again.

Last night we were treated to a wonderful dinner at the Rink's home. We joined Adrian's parents for a "gender revealing party." After lots of build up we were treated to this video.

Things are changing.

My heart is filled with lots of joy.
This time I can say, "Its a boy."
Yet still I would dance and still I would whirl,
If I were saying, "Its a girl."

I am looking forward to meeting and I am praying for Josiah Ray Rink.