The Dancing Puritan

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Every woman in the world would be delighted to hear from her man, "Behold, you are beautiful, my love, you are beautiful" (Song of Solomon 4:1). Think of that sentence from Solomon's Song. It overflows with sweetness.

Behold--the word communicates a sense of being awe-struck. My mind races to many an old movie where a man arrives at the home of a lady to pick her up for a formal event. Nervously he knocks on the door. Her father opens the door, looks him over, and then invites him inside. The girl is upstairs getting dressed, while the young man awkwardly talks to her dad at the foot of the stairs. Occasionally the young man glances up, hoping that soon she will appear. It is only about five minutes, it seems like an hour--but finally she makes her appearance.

He sees her there at the top of the stairs. She is dressed in black, pearls drape her neck, her hair is eloquently pulled up, and her lips are like a scarlet thread. Her perfume wafts down the steps and greets him prior to her arrival at the bottom step, where she offers her hand.

Initially, he is speechless. It seems as if the only oxygen in the room is in and around the lady. He is thunder-struck by her beauty. In our day he might say, "Wow!"  In Solomon's Song the word is, "Behold." Once he catches his breath he finishes his sentence. "Behold, - - - you are beautiful, my love, you are beautiful." Such beauty demanded not just one pronouncement, but two.

Perhaps the house was lovely, it may have been excellently decorated; maybe it was like a castle. Perhaps she had an entourage of lovely sisters and even a delightful mother. It could be that her dad was an interesting conversationalist; the kind of person one could talk to for hours. None of that mattered. The moment that he caught the first glimpse of his love, everyone and everything else faded into the background. The home, the decorations, the sisters, the mother, and the father--may all have been almost flawlessly wonderful, but they became like stage props. The young man is focused on one person.

His says, "Behold!"