The Dancing Puritan

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Pastor's Home and Work

A few thoughts about the pastor's home and work...

Susannah Spurgeon includes, in C. H. Spurgeon's Autobiography, the following notes, to "show what an abundant reward of loving approval was bestowed on me for merely doing what it was my duty to do."

My Own Dear One,--None, know how grateful I am to God for you. In all I have ever done for Him, you have a large share, for in making me so happy you have fitted me for service. Not an ounce of power has ever been lost to the good cause through you. I have served the Lord far more, and never less, for your sweet companionship. The Lord God Almighty bless you now and forever!
Think of the love which gave me that dear lady for a wife, and made her such a wife; to me, the ideal wife, and, as I believe, without exaggeration or love-flourishing; the precise form in which God would make a woman for such a man as I am, if He designed her to be the greatest of all earthly blessings to him and in some sense a spiritual blessing, too, for in that also am I richly profited by you, though you would not believe it. I will leave this 'good matter' ere the paper is covered; but not till I have sent you as many kisses as there are waves on the sea (C.H. Spurgeon, 1871).

The call of a pastor's wife is, in large part, the call to cultivate a joyful home that will provide fertile ground for her husband's happiness. C.H. Spurgeon wrote to Susannah, "Not an ounce of power has ever been lost to the good cause through you." It was her "sweet companionship" that God used to help to make him the great man that we honor.

C.H. saw Susannah as a love-gift from God. He believed that God had fashioned her "for such a man as I am."

The pastor, amidst all of his many duties, must be faithful to love and appreciate his wife. He is to embrace her as a blessing to his work, tell her often how much he appreciates her, and enjoy her "sweet companionship." He is to rejoice that she is the ideal gift from God to him and he is to unashamedly communicate his affection for her.

Many a pastor's marriage falls apart. Seeds of destruction are sown when the husband fails to acknowledge, love, and display affection to his wife. The marriage is undermined when the wife does not cultivate a happy home in which her husband might be restored amidst the challenges of his work.

If you are a pastor, pray for your wife. Receive her as a good gift from God. Shower her with evidences of your love and appreciation for her.

If you are a pastor's wife, pray for your husband. Join him in his work by your sweet companionship and through cultivating a happy home for him to enjoy with you.

To all, pray for your pastor and his family. He is thankful to be called into such a work. However, the trials are many. You want your pastor to do his work " . . . with joy and not with groaning, for that would be no advantage to you" (Hebrews 13:17b).