The Dancing Puritan

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Seeing Beauty, Speaking Beautifully (Part Two)

Have you taken the opportunity to practice seeing beauty and speaking beautifully? As I was reading Song of Solomon this morning, a few thoughts came to mind. Here is a rough draft. I am not a poet but I do want to better see beauty and speak beautifully. 

Ink to paper, he is writing today.
Searching his mind, for thoughts to convey.
A gentle distraction, he lifts his eyes.
Fragrance in the air, a pleasant surprise.

He hears a noise, a room away.
Graceful steps, they seem to say;
"Come and see, visit this place."
He follows perfume, he sees her face.

Simply stunning, such delight;
A sweet aroma, a lovely sight.
Ink to paper, he is writing today.
His mind is now filled with thoughts to convey.