The Dancing Puritan

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome Josiah!

Josiah: "What's Up?"

We have been welcoming babies to our family for a long time. I should say that we have been welcoming girl babies. Yesterday, we welcomed a boy.

We have not needed to step up our home child-safety-system with the girls. I hear that may change now that we will have a young man in the house.

I probably should mention that the new baby boy actually belongs to my son-in-law Adrian, my daughter Rachel, and their daughter (his sister) Susannah. I am merely the elderly granddaddy. You know the old guy who wears funny clothes and who gets to break the family rules when no one is watching.

I tried to sell Adrian and Rachel on the idea that they should loan Josiah to me for, at least six years. After all, Charles Spurgeon's grandparents raised little Charles for that long, and look how he turned out. They are not buying into the WWSD philosophy.
The Rinks: Adrian, Rachel, Susannah, and Josiah

Enough of that.

Today at the Dancing Puritan, I want to officially welcome Josiah Ray Rink to the family. Josiah "popped out" (as two-year-old Aunt Abigail would say) at a manly 8 pounds and 7 ounces. At that size he will soon be ready for some grass mowing duties. YES!!!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for Adrian, Rachel, and Susannah. I am also delighted for his extended family here and in Minnesota. I am excited for me. Finally there is someone else nearby to help me remove the spiders and to join me in utter bewilderment at the girls crying over something like a bad hair day. Little boys often have bad hair days. And old grandpas never really get the hair thing just right.

I am thankful to our Lord for hearing our prayers for Rachel and Josiah's safe delivery day (and for many other answered prayers).

Sometimes folks will say something like, "I wouldn't want to bring children into this bad old world." A person with a God-centered worldview sees great opportunity with the birth of a child. A child, by God's saving grace, can be a straight arrow. They are to be shaped, sharpened, and launched into the world towards the target of God's glory.

Josiah is born to godly parents where he will have every opportunity to hear the gospel (in family worship) and to join with the family of God in congregational worship. He will be "acquainted with the sacred writings." Those writings are sufficient to make Josiah "wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus" (2 Timothy 3:15).

We will be praying that indeed God will open Josiah's heart and bring him to saving faith. As his parents, grandparents, church family, and others seek to use the means (Scripture, prayer, and preaching) that God has chosen to bless, then we have every reason to be hopeful.

Little Josiah you will learn from King Josiah. He became King at age eight. By 15 he was seeking God. During his temple-remodeling project the Bible was found. Josiah read it. He feared for Israel since they had departed from God's Word. He started working for reform and stood strong against pagan nations (read more: 2 Kings 22:1 - 23; 2 Chronicles 34:1 - 35). Let King Josiah be a pointer to King Jesus!

I am honored that you also carry my middle name. I share it with my dad who left it in excellent condition when he died. I hope to do the same for you.

Josiah, welcome to my girl's world. And be nice to sweet Susannah. She was here first, so she will soon be marking out her territory. You will do fine, just move slowly. By the way, I find her quite delightful. I am sure that you will as well.

Today your eye-sight will be much better than yesterday when you "popped out." What will you think as you look around the room and see your mom Rachel, your grandmother Lori, your aunts: Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Lydia, and Abigail? Hopefully, while you are looking around, you will spot your dad (he is easy to see) and your old granddaddy. I imagine that you will figure, "If they made it with all of these girls, perhaps I can as well."

You will make it Josiah and learn to appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds you. And just to be safe, God has given you a grandpa and some uncles back in Minnesota who will come to your aid, just in case the girl's tears threaten to overflow the banks.

I love you little man. Lets do this together. Enjoy the perfume in the air; it will help cover the smell of your sweat.