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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Thankful Wife and a Godly Husband

Spurgeon's Funeral Procession

When you die will your wife be able to thank God for giving to her a good husband?

On January 31, 1892 at 11:05 P.M., Charles Spurgeon died. By his bed a small group of family and friends gathered. Susannah Spurgeon, his wife of 36 years, led in praise to God. She thanked God for “the precious treasure so long lent to her.” 

That was not the first time that Susannah had thanked God for Charles. On April 2, 1854, in her grandfather’s garden, Charles asked Susannah to marry him. She writes: “To me it was a time as solemn as it was sweet; and with a great awe in my heart, I left my beloved and, hastening to the house and to an upper room, I knelt before God and praised and thanked Him with happy tears for His great mercy in giving me the love of so good a man."

From their engagement to the death of her beloved husband, Susannah never failed to give thanks to God for the gift of Charles.

Thanksgiving to God, for her husband, was as natural as breathing to Susannah. There is no evidence that she ever doubted his love, questioned his character, or failed to see him as anything less than a “precious treasure.” Though their marriage faced many trials, including sickness, there is no record of Susannah ever wavering in her opinion about Charles. 

Is it the most natural thing for your wife to thank God for giving her the “love of so good a man?” Will her natural reaction at your death be to thank God for “the precious treasure so long lent to her?”

Live in such a way, in the grace of God, that you give your wife every reason to think of you as a godly man and a precious treasure. You will need to take a fresh look, every day, at the gospel of Christ. After all, the gospel teaches and empowers you to love your wife.  The reason that Spurgeon was such a precious treasure to Susannah is because he was first and foremost a man fully saturated in the gospel.
Quotes above from the Autobiography of C.H. Spurgeon.

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