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Saturday, February 6, 2016

14 Days of Love: Day 6: 30-Day Challenge

Day 1: Write a Song: Here
Day 2: Pray, Tell, Pray: Here
Day 3: Kiss: Here
Day 4: Meet: Here
Day 5: Read, Journal, Share, Remember: Here

Go back and read yesterday's entry for a reminder of what love and marriage are all about.

Day 6

Several years ago I determined to read a chapter from The Song of Solomon each day, journal from my reading, and write my wife Lori a love-letter every day for 30 days. The 30 days turned into 60. I continued writing after the 60 days, but not every day. I still write Lori love-letters, just not as frequently. She has a special place where she keeps all of my letters.

Today, I am challenging you to write a letter to your spouse, every day, for 30 days. Start today! Base your letter on a chapter, or section of a chapter, from The Song of Solomon (SOS). When you have read all of SOS, simply start again. I have been reading Solomon's Song for years, and it never grows old.

Here is a sample, not of a letter, but of a journal entry based off of SOS. Remember, I am just drawing some points of application from SOS. I am not engaging in in-depth exegesis when I journal. These are sort of "first thoughts."

Journal Entry

I want Lori to be filled with so much joy in our marriage that she wants me near (2) and when I am traveling, for her to look forward to my return. How can I love Lori in such a way that she will always miss me when I am away from home (or even downstairs in my study)? How can I love her with a love that is "better than wine" that is inseparable from a sweet-smelling life?

1. Kiss Excellently (1:2). Practice makes perfect. Don't miss an opportunity to kiss. The words over our bed are "Always Kiss Me Goodnight." 

2. Love Exceptionally (1: 2-3). A woman that is loved will generally want to be kissed by the one who loves her. Never stop cultivating godly character and sacrificial love. Mediate deeply on the gospel.

3. Date Excitingly. (1:4, 2:4, 8-14)"Draw me--Let us run." Cultivate such a life that she will want to be with me and go places with me.

4. Speak Extraordinarily (1: 9-17, 2:8-17). Let the musical language in Solomon's Song inform how I talk to Lori.

5, Romance Exclusively. Note in SOS how often the words "my love" and "my beloved" occur. There must be no competitors (not children, friends, hobbies, and certainly not any other ladies) for my relationship with my beloved. Never give Lori any reason to doubt that I am a "one-woman-man." Guard against being flirtatious and always be wise in any dealings with other ladies.

I often begin my days by reading Psalms and trying to get my mind and heart focused on God. I follow by reading a selection from Tim Keller's book Prayer. I close by reading from SOS and writing down my thoughts. I want to begin my days focusing on God and thinking about my relationship with Lori. It is my desire that our marriage increasingly give a positive testimony of Christ and His Church.

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